Why Airport Transfers Make Sense

February 22, 2016

Flying is a stressful and tiring experience for many of us, but much of this can be avoided by taking the right steps to reduce the effects on your body.

Making the most of airport transfers by a private chauffeur is one such method, as the journey to and from the airport can often be some of the most tiring and worrisome of the entire trip.

Flying for the whole day

Particularly if you are taking an international flight, most people like to be at the airport a minimum of two hours before, or often even earlier than this. As a result, much of that day is taken up with getting to the airport, as it is never too far from your mind.

Ifyou are taking public transport, then you have the possibility of delays and other problems which can alter the time of your journey. This means that suddenly you go from planning to arrive with a couple of hours before your flight, to playing it overly safe in case you miss your bus or train and arriving unnecessarily early, with three or four hours to kill.

This all takes its toll on your body, particularly when it comes to public transport and the stress that this can add to the whole trip, worrying about missing connections,or catching the right bus.

Arrive on time

Another reason airport transfers through a private chauffeur are a smart idea, is that you are almost guaranteed to arrive on time. Public transport is notoriously risky, while relying on a friend, or family member to drive you can be equally dicey if they are delayed.


One of the main reasons that many people use airport transfers is simply to remove much of the stress from flying. Knowing that you are booked in for a private chauffeur to pick you up at a designated time and drop you off at the airport allows for a much calmer journey. This also ensures that you can spend the rest of the day doing whatever you would like to do, and not worrying about the journey to the airport.

Extra time 

Another reason that airport transfers are popular among travellers is that it frees up extra time during the journey to the airport that you can use to whatever purpose you require. Whether this be completing last minute work, or relaxing with a book, the extra time is often worth the cost of the private airport transfers alone.

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