Three Suggestions For A Safer Chauffeur Ride

Three Suggestions For A Safer Chauffeur Ride October 8, 2018

Did you know one in every seven accidents happen because of backseat driving? So, instead of focusing on the driver and their driving style, you should focus on relaxing your senses and/or having important phone calls or email discussions. You may question if you don’t focus on the road, how could you know if the driver is going the right way or driving wrongly? The easiest way to avoid any such probability is, hiring a reliable chauffeur services provider.

Like this, there are several other things that you should consider to have a safer riding. In this blog, we are going to share three important points regarding safer car rides.

Don’t Put Your Feet on Dashboard

You should not keep your feet on the dashboard. Instead, you should keep them on the vehicle’s floor. This will protect you if unfortunately the car collides somewhere. You may be thinking how keeping feet on the floor will protect you. This is because airbags open up with the speed of up to 220 miles per hour and impose the force of up to 880 pounds to a front-seat passenger. So, if your feet are on the dashboard, your knees may bang into your face or chest and cause injury.

Not Wearing Seat belt As A Backseat Passenger

Most backseat passengers don’t wear seat belts. This is a big mistake because a passenger becomes a missile in case of a collision. You should always wear a seat belt whether you are seated on a backseat or seat next to the driver at the front.

Forcing the Chauffeur to Drive Fast

Many people have a bad habit of booking a chauffeur at the last moment and then forcing the chauffeur to drive fast. Several times, this pressure on driver results in an unfortunate road accident. You should not force your chauffeur to drive fast. If you are in a hurry, you should request them to drop you at your location on time. The chauffeur will do their best to drop you at your destination on time.

Following these suggestions will help you enjoy a safe ride. If at all possible make them apart of your daily travelling practices.

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