Luxury Airport Transfers for Your Vacation

June 6, 2016

Going on vacation can be one of the highlights of your year. You’ve worked hard and you have a couple of weeks off where you can get away from it all. Vacations should be all about relaxing, spending some quality time with the family and possibly visiting other members of your family who don’t live nearby. All in all, there should be no stress involved when it comes to vacationing.

However, sometimes before you even leave the home that stress can creep in. Packing can be a nightmare, but nothing compares to having to get to the airport itself. Traffic, packed buses and far away train stations all contribute to the challenges of trying to catch a flight on time.

However, with airport transfers via a chauffeured car service, this can all be avoided. It’s one simple step you can take to starting your vacation off the right way. Still not convinced? Read on to find out why airport transfers are the best way to begin your vacation.

Great Value

Many people think that airport transfers can be a costly convenience. This is totally wrong. At Pinnacle Chauffeur Service, we charge a flat rate to the Vancouver airport. This means that you will not be charged by time taken, or distance traveled and that you will know how much it is going to cost before you set foot in the car. Knowing this means that you can account for it in your vacation budget and you don’t need to worry about overspending before you step on the plane.

True Luxury

As mentioned, vacations are a time to relax and what better way to do so than in a luxury vehicle? At Pinnacle Chauffeurs we offer Lincolns, Mercedes and Limousines to get you to the airport in style. Start your vacation the way you want it to continue, by sitting back and stretching out in one of our top of the line cars for stress-free airport transfers.

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