Choosing the Right Transport for Your Wedding in Vancouver

July 25, 2016

Are you tying the knot in the near future? Not sure how to organize an efficient and stylish ride to the wedding venue? Then why not let a Vancouver chauffeur deliver you in style.

A wedding day should be memorable for all of the right reasons, so choosing a professional and experienced Vancouver chauffeur company should be a priority for the bride and groom. So what are the different elements to consider when looking for the right ride?

The wedding car

There are a number of different styles in which the bride and groom may wish to travel to the wedding. While a horse and cart may be a romantic’s choice, it can often be impractical and temperamental. A Vancouver chauffeur provides a quicker and more comfortable journey, while not giving up any style points, but what car should you choose?

The type of car should depend on the personal preference of the wedding couple and may range from a limousine through to an elegant sedan, or even a stretch SUV if you wish to accommodate your large wedding party. The Vancouver chauffeur company that you choose should have a sufficient premium fleet selection, allowing you to get the exact vehicle you are after, regardless of what it is.


Another aspect to consider when using a Vancouver chauffeur is whether you are going to incorporate flowers into your ride. A top Vancouver chauffeur company will often provide this service, if it is desired by the customer, cutting out the effort of sourcing your own flowers and arranging them yourself.


Similar to flowers, many of the top companies offering a Vancouver chauffeur service will also embellish their vehicles with ribbons if requested by the customer. This can create a particularly glamorous and personalized style of arrival, allowing the wedding couple to feel special for their big day.

Complimentary extras

Another tip is that it is worth checking with the Vancouver chauffeur company to see if there are any complimentary extras, as you may receive a special wedding rate, or a free bottle of champagne. There is certainly no harm in asking and it may make your big day that extra bit special.

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