Why Clients Choose Us

  1. With our service protocol we offer to client service which they deserve and expect from chauffeur company.we maintain high standard , reliable , courteous yet friendly and flexible service.
  2. We create confidential profile for each client based on their personal,business need such as their favourite route , music Channel or magazine they like to be read while they travel with us.
  3. We observe and analyze client preference and prepair our well dressed chauffeur with designated vehicle before each pickup.
  4. we reserve our vehicle for each client minimum 1.5 hr prior to pickup.
  5. We monitor flight regularly for our client pickup or drop off @ airport.
  6. Every vehicle will equipped with GPS for tracking to minimize waiting or giving accuracy for timing.
  7. Every vehicle will equipped with wireless high speed internet for our clients need while travel with us .
  8. For complementary Each vehicle carrie mineral water, sparkling water and soft drink.
  9. Complementary meet and greet from airport .
  10. We offer latest model hi end luxury clean vehicle include Benz , Escalade and clients all time favourite a lincolin town car.

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I always had the fantasy of riding in a limousine. I never thought that it could actually be so satisfying and exciting. The moment I had booked my limo ride, I was not quite sure how it would feel. But it felt great! The interiors are amazing and a really knowledgeable chauffeur. The service was prompt and they reached my place on time. Pinnacle has lived up to its promise. A beautiful night that I spent with my hubby, is all because of the sheer excellent service offered by you! Thanks!

Florence Smith