Alicia Campbell

Great chauffeurs! Love your car collection. Had the best ride in a while!

Loraine Martin

Ladies night out is always a special idea and to top it off with some real good music, good company, posh Mercedes car, beautiful interiors and champagne. Pinnacle Chauffeurs was a good choice all the way! I am happy to have chosen you and me and my friends had a blast! Thanks! You were quick, safe and reliable as well!

Mincy Patel

Limousine rides have been part of the elite wedding celebrations in Surrey. However, Pinnacle Chauffeurs made it possible for me to ride the limo for my D-day. It was not planned and I was not expecting this. A magical drive across the town to the countryside chapel, beautiful setting and here I came in that flowing gown. I was floored! So was everyone…happily! A great way to kick start a new life!I thank my parents and of course, Pinnacle for making this day so special and memorable for eternity.

Sarah Taylor

I had the best planned wedding this season… and I can vouch for that because of the grand entry and top class treatment that I received. It feels to be lucky being the bride and when you know you have a long stretch limousine waiting to carry you and your long wedding gown trail to venue. I was surprised and thrilled at the promptness and exceptional service offered by you.

Ryan Lee

Thumbs Up! Excellent chauffeur service! Good cars.

Owen Brown

Overwhelming service! I am writing this to let you know that you have done a great job and me and my family had the best trip across the city. The sightseeing experience was fun. My kids are in an awe and I must say, you were a really good companion too! Thank you for your excellent service and great professionalism! The next time that I will be planning a tour around Surrey, you are sure to get a call from me.

Florence Smith

I always had the fantasy of riding in a limousine. I never thought that it could actually be so satisfying and exciting. The moment I had booked my limo ride, I was not quite sure how it would feel. But it felt great! The interiors are amazing and a really knowledgeable chauffeur. The service was prompt and they reached my place on time. Pinnacle has lived up to its promise. A beautiful night that I spent with my hubby, is all because of the sheer excellent service offered by you! Thanks!

Margaret Ellis

Great service! Friendly and well dressed chauffeur – an added bonus! Had a thrilling night out with my lady love. Thank you for the grand service. It felt special! I would love to recommend to you to each and every friend and people I know.

Frank Lewis

I never thought moving around Surrey could be so much fun. Your Mercedes is so breathtaking! It was my first experience in one and it was worth it. My friend had a blast too! I particularly appreciated your efforts at paying attention to smallest of our needs without hesitation or questioning. A really prompt car rental company with a difference! Highly recommended!

Bob Taber

It was a pleasure to associate with you for a week. Your chauffeured car services are a real treat. My friends had a ball of a time at the event as well as around the town. Thank you so much!

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Great chauffeurs! Love your car collection. Had the best ride in a while!

Alicia Campbell